Trapped in my Own Mind

Hello Friends,

Hope you all are doing well.

This post is somewhat personal, as this piece, which I’ve titled “Trapped in my Own Mind,” is the result of a night filled with panic and anxiety attacks. Tossing, turning, nightmares playing all of my deepest fears and insecurities. Needless to say, sleep didn’t happen that night.

But among all of the confusion and noise, there can be some shreds of inspiration; and that is where I developed this art journal page:


For this piece, I used a bunch of different paper scraps from my stash; including Tim Holtz tissue paper and Bo Bunny “It is Written” stamps. I want to say I only spent about 10 minutes on this page, making it the quickest art journal entry I’ve ever completed.

It’s messy.

It’s incoherent.

It’s dark and confusing.

It’s exactly how I was left feeling after that night.


Not all of my art is this deep or this dark – but I love how art truly has become a therapy for me.

Thanks for viewing.



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