Hello and welcome!

My name is Kim and I am a born-and-raised New England native. It is where I’ve planted my roots and I never plan on leaving!

I am a creative being by nature – it is in my blood. Educationally, I’ve been a musician, writer and dabbler in interactive media (think blogging, web page building and the like). But my hobbies have spanned across the board; and it is only recently that I’ve joined the world of mixed media art and art-journaling.

I discovered it as an outlet for my frequent and sometimes extreme anxiety and haven’t looked back since. Not only does art ease the mind, but it also keeps me out of trouble :).

As the name of this blog suggests, I am inspired by anything vintage/antique/rusty: photographs, keys, clocks; you name it, I love it. Imagine the secrets and stories they’d share if they could only speak.